The following are some questions frequently asked by our tenants. We hope you find this useful.

When should I start my property search?
It depends; typically a property is advertised 4-6 weeks prior to it becoming available so whenever you need a place, it is best to start searching about 6-8 weeks before that date. That said, if you'd like to keep in touch with us we'll be able to contact you as soon as we know your ideal property is coming up.
Just so you know, student lets are normally reserved in December/January for the next academic year starting the following September.

How long is the term of a tenancy?
Most of our tenancy agreements are for an initial fixed term of 12 months. After the initial fixed term has ended we can arrange for a new fixed term. Alternatively where no new agreement has been signed for another fixed term the tenancy becomes a Statutory Periodic Tenancy, that is when the end date of a fixed term tenancy agreement has been reached and the existing tenant remains in the property on exactly the same terms as the original tenancy agreement (other than an agreement by the parties to increase the rent).

Can I rent for a short term?
Occasionally yes, we will have some short-term properties available to rent - typically 3-6 month terms.

What does furnished or unfurnished mean?
'Furnished' means that the home has furniture but does not have bedding or kitchen equipment such as saucepans, plates and cutlery.
'Unfurnished' means that you need to supply all the furniture and kitchen equipment. Often, not always, white goods will be included.

Are pets permitted?
Unfortunately many landlords are not comfortable with allowing pets in their properties. That said if you are willing to pay a higher deposit and agree to specialist cleaning you may be in a stronger position for us to request this on your behalf. Please note pets are only allowed if specifically agreed in advance.

Do I need to get the property professionally cleaned when I leave?
Where the property has been professionally cleaned and/or the carpets have been professionally cleaned and/or the oven has been professionally cleaned prior to the commencement of your tenancy it is your responsibility to arrange for this to be done at the end of your tenancy. If you require evidence that this has been done at your property we can provide this for you; similarly you may be requested to provide evidence that any necessary works have been carried out by yourselves at the conclusion of your tenancy.

Can you recommend a cleaner or a gardener?
Certainly, yes, just ask and we can put you in touch with some excellent people.

Do I have to have insurance?
Landlords are required to insure the buildings and their own contents. As a tenant you it is your responsibility to insure you contents and possessions. If you would like some help we can provide more information for you, please ask us,

What are the average 'utility' costs for a property?
Difficult to say as each property is unique and each home will have a different energy performance. The EPC for a property may give you an indication of how economical your home might be.

Who is responsible for repairs? For example, what if the central heating breaks down?
The owner (your landlord) is responsible for all internal and external repairs. As a tenant you only pay if the breakdown or repair is due to negligence or misuse (eg a burn mark or stain on a carpet; damaged washing machine due to a hairclip or coin.)
In respect of Central Heating you can normally expect to have someone on site within 24 hours. Rest assured we will do everything we can to get you up and going again.

Who do we call if there is an emergency?
Where we are the managing agent you can call our 24-hour line. If your property is being managed independently by your landlord you will need to telephone them direct. If it's a fire, a medical problem or other personal emergency please dial 999. You'd be surprised what we get called about!