Bath Surrounding Villages:

Widcombe ~ Where the city meets the countryside.
There's no escaping it, Widcombe has a warm village feeling. It's a place where you expect to recognise the people you pass in the street, and where a trip to buy a pint of milk could take forever as you fall in to conversation with friends along the way.
Ignore the traffic whizzing past on its way through to Bristol one way and back to the A4 the other, it actually doesn't make that much of an impact, just enjoy the fact that all the galleries, shops, cafes and pubs know that they're lucky to be where they are and that, as Widcombers, they're that little bit more inviting, warmer, accommodating and special.
Tell you how special Widcombe is, there's a Widcombe Association, Bath's biggest residents association as it happens, formed in 1981 with a full programme of arts, gardening and history events for its members, as well as actively engaging in local politics. There's the soon to be rejuvenated Widcombe Social Club, great pubs in The Royal Oak (food), The Ram (music) and The Ring o' Bells (both), cafés, shops, dental and doctors surgeries, and it's a short walk over the Halfpenny Bridge into Bath centre. In short, a great place to live!