How we work

  • Strategy and Search
    Investor? We'll work with you to understand and implement your strategy.
    Home buyer? We want to share your vision of what your dream home looks like. In both cases we'll then start searching, using all the sources and avenues available to us...not just estate agents and the property press but all those personal contacts we have from being a respected and trusted player in this business.
  • Shortlist and View
    We'll always vet properties before we suggest them to you, so your short list will be precisely that, the best and most suitable. We'll arrange viewings and accompany you if you'd like that, we'll even pick you up and take you back afterwards, how's that for service! If you're not in the area we'll happily inspect a property for you and send you photographs and a report.
  • Negotiate
    Potentially this is where we can save you thousands. Trust us to negotiate the best possible terms and price for'll be surprised!
  • Helping you Complete
    It's all in the detail! We can engage surveyors, solicitors, mortgage advisors for you and see the whole transaction through to completion. We can organize removals and cleaners, we can get your new home interior designed and redecorated for you, we can even furnish it and sort out the parking permits. What we won't do is live in it.,. but we can find the right people to do that too. Clients who have used us say that we just make life easy for them…they know that they're in safe hands, that they know that, with us, they're buying the right property at the right price, and without the usual hassle.
    Sounds good? We think so! Why not give us a ring and tell us what you have in mind, it will only take you a moment, but it could save you a fortune!
  • Fees
    From as little as £99+VAT we can get started for you. For our detailed fee summary along with some amazing case studies do give us a call or email us today.

Telephone: 01225 481010