'Zest Invest'

Property Search and Negotiation at its Best!
It's a puzzle. If someone was going to court they wouldn't dream of doing so without a lawyer to represent them, so why should buying a property be any different? Why risk not knowing what there might be to know?!
Working with experts makes the whole process of buying an investment property a safer, easier and more financially efficient proposition…and we're the experts!

We know all the properties that are on the market, and most that aren't. We know what's available, we know what represents good value, we know the potential incomes and we probably know the vendor too. It's what we do all day.

If you're an investor we can add value from the earliest strategic planning stages through search, negotiation, completion and then on to the letting and management of your property, an unbeatable level of service no one else can offer. Rather than talk in detail about this we'll let one of our happy clients do the talking for us...

'We had been looking to buy a rental property for some time when we met Zest. They actually helped us purchase a property and gave us very good and sound advice which we have followed through. They told us what was a good rental buy and took us out of our comfort zone of what we were looking at (what we thought were good rental properties).
They recommended us a property that we bought and they found us tenants in no time at all. We wanted a hands-off investment because we don't have a lot of time and they now manage the property for us. They maintain the property really well and their service has been great. We are very impressed. Everything they said they would do they delivered on. I'm really impressed with Zest and I'm not easily impressed!'
Mrs D, Bath

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Our service isn't just for investors though. If you're a home buyer searching for that one house in Bath that you know must be there if you could only find it…trust us. Let us know exactly what you're looking for and we'll let you know if it's available and where. Just ask us…there's no commitment and it could be a life changing conversation!